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Canary Seed is the newest addition to the family of super foods because of its amazing nutritional content and its health benefits to the heart, liver and pancreas.

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The alpiste or canary grass is believed to be one of the most powerful seeds over the face of the earth; its enzymatic capacity is immense and its protean content is great. A glass of alpiste milk has more protein than four pounds of meat, but with stable amino acids this means that enzymes travel securely to all parts of our organism. The enzyme that alpiste provides has an immense power to detox our organs, especially the liver, the kidneys, and the pancreas. The alpiste is an effective pancreatic cleanser, which helps control diabetes in a few weeks and also eliminates cirrhosis. It recharges enzymes to the kidneys promoting a healthy urinary output, which eliminates excess fluids in the body. The alpiste is a fighter against hypertension, due to its contents of the lipase enzyme, it removes body fat quickly whether in the veins, arteries or simply fat deposits, so it is a very great choice for fighting obesity. Alpiste generates large and powerful performance as a promoter of cut and muscular tone.

Drink a cup of this milk on an empty stomach and another right before bedtime. Of course, if you want to drink it with meals it helps a lot; however in the morning before breakfast and before bedtime one should never miss. Never add fruit or sugar.

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